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Registration FAQ

This page answers a lot of our most frequently asked questions about Registration


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How does the Deposit System Work?

ARISE is a very popular competition. We limit the number of routines that are able to enter. 

Studio's can reserve the number of routines they intend to bring. On Oct 1, registration will open. Studio's only need to know how many routines they intend bring. These routines are divided into team routines and Solos (Duets and Trio) - 

We understand this number may change slightly, you are able to adjust the number of routines by 15%. Unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate more than 15% of your total number of routines. Please don't overestimate by more than 15%, unfortunately you will be billed for those extra routines (over the 15) 

The deposit is only $25 per routine - Not per dancer, just per routine. This needs to be paid within 7 calendar days of your registration if paying by check. If paying by Credit Card or Venmo, it needs to be paid within 24 hours. 

I typically don't register until Dec or January. Can I hold a spot?

Yes, after your deposit, you can pay and complete your registration whenever is easiest for you! The final deadline is February 1, for regular pricing. You can also register and complete your registration with payment by Dec 1 for early bird pricing. 

You will want to make your deposit before we sell out. Last year we honestly sold out of all our team competitions within 1 week

I'm a solos that wishes to compete without my team. Can I do that? 

Soloist, Duets, and Trio are able to compete at our Solo, Duet, Trio on Feb 26. Unfortunately all out other competitions must accommodate teams that are bringing soloist. You may check with us in January to determine if there is any room to allow soloist without teams. 

I'm a soloist, do I need to make a deposit too> 

Yes, all routines will need to reserve your spot with the $25 per routine deposit. You can complete your registration by either Feb 1 for regular pricing and Dec 1 for Early Bird Pricing. 

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