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Mission Statement

A competition where dancers leave feeling accomplished and validated as an aspiring performer.  We strive to create an enjoyable, supportive and rewarding atmosphere. No matter what age or level your dancer is,  they will leave feeling accomplished for doing their own personal best. They will be motivated to continue to grow as dancers.  We have taken years of experience to create, a positive, fair, a well run competition.

Arise - where dancers and directors will be treated like VIP's.  

Awards- Solos, Duets, Trios

Every soloist will receive a unique award based on their scores. 

- Solo Specialty Awards 

- Overall in multiple Divisions

- All Platinum Rankings will receive Tiara's or Boys Hats

- Exciting Gifts for Overall Soloist Winners


Awards- Teams

- Two Award Ceremonies - Most dancer's only come 1/2 day! 

- Individual Awards for Each Team Participant

- Specialty team awards

- Large Studio Trophies

- Overall Winners for Beginning, Low Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced


Soloist, duo's, and trio's will be ranked by a scoring system awarding them:

Dancers are ranked according to their scores and will be awarded from highest to

lowest scores the following Crystal

Winners will ranked and scored will be awarded in each Category


High Gold 



Action Shoots

 We will have a professional photographer at each comp taking action shots of each routine that you can purchase separately. See comp day flyer for order info. 

Our Goal is to make your dancer and their families experience a memorable and enjoyable day.

Audio/Video Judging

All Routines are recorded, Each Routine will have 3 audio files containing judges comments 

Judges Comments will Uplift and Motivate your dancer, we want them to improve, but want to recognize their strengths

Videos are available within 48 hours of the final awards! 

Information Booth

- Arise Staff at the Booth to answer questions the entire time

- Programs are easy to read and easy to follow! 

- Benefits your Studio!

All Music is Digital Uploads!

- Listen to and preview your music up to 1 week prior

-Song version changed, no problem, Upload and double check it!

-Team Comp Divided in Half

- Penalty Judge to enforce the rules of routines


-Studios  will only be there half a day! 

-QUICK Awards!

-Unique Awards

-Figurine Trophies for Soloists Duet & Trios


Director Perks! 

- Incredible Swag! 

- Arise Merch that YOU select! 

- Scholarship Awards for Teams & Soloist

Plus Much Much More!

Arise Merchandise

Stylish merchandise for your dancer & Mom's! 

Dancers Perform at Arise Competition

Audio/Video Judges Examples

See Bottom of this page for audio/video example

The above videos are real examples of what you will receive for EACH Routine! You will receive 3 audio files, same video, but will have 3 different duding feedback. 

Dancers Perform at Arise Competition

Judges - "It was excellent, Best Judges we had all year" Erica Dance Concepts. 

Dancers Perform at Arise Competition
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