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Rules and Guidelines

Category Guidelines: Please use these guidelines when entering; it will help create a fair competition for everyone. 

At ARISE  a penalty judge will monitor all routines. If a dancer or routine is determined to be entered in an incorrect skill level, they will be moved by the judge to the correct skill level. The dancer/routine will still be judged, ranked, and receive awards; however, the routine/dancer will  be ineligible for any overall awards. 



This category is designed for beginning dancers with beginning skill in their routine.  Example skills for this category would be single pirouette, chaine,  grande jete, sissonne, toe touch, "C" jump, all types of kicks, one rotation in reléve,  cartwheel, and beginning technique.  First year competitors does not automatically qualify as a beginning dancer. 

Not allowed : Double Pirouette, Switch Leap, Back Leap, Fouette Turns, A la Seconde, Leg Hold Turns, No more than 2 airborne tumbling skill (backhand-spring, tuck, or aerial). Changing spots in different directions, 


This category is for dancers who are executing or developing the following: Double Pirouette, Coupe turns, firebird,  Grandé Jeté, Side Leap, all types of kicks,  2-3 A la secondé Turns, "C" jump, sissone. This category is for dancers that are working on body control, flexibility, and proper technique placement, and  working on the fundamentals of Audience Appeal/Showmanship. 

Not allowed: Triple pirouettes, Switch tilts, no more than 5 consecutive rotations in any turn combo, no more than 3 airborne tumbling skill  (backhandspring, tuck, or aerial). 


This category is for dancers who can execute advance skills such as; Double/Triple Pirouettes, A La Second Turns, switch tilts, all types of  kicks, side leaps, sissone, stag leap, firebird, aerial, turn sequences. 

Not Allowed: No more than 8 consecutive rotations of any turn combo. 


This category is for dancers who can execute those skills listed above. Dancers should be technically strong both in skill and strength. 

Spotlight Dancers:

Spotlight dancers are welcomed; however, they may only go up one level (i.e. advanced dancers can NOT be spotlighted in beginning routines). Only a small percentage of dancers can be spotlighted. I.e. if there are 5 or less dancers it can only be 1spotlighted dancer.  If 5-7 dancers it can be 2 and 8 and more dancers 3 spotlighted dancers in a routine. 

Judges Determination:

Judges have the discretion as they monitor routines to determine if a dancer has the skill level to be in a higher skill category than what they are entered as, even if the above routine rules are followed. If at least 3 of the 4 judges agree, a dancer/routine will be moved. This rule is designed to prevent dancers from removing dance/technical skills to compete in a lower level. 


If a routine exhibits more than 35% tumbling skills, it should be entered in the Acro Category. 

Any intentional act that intends to deceive Judges or Arise Competition in general will result in immediate disqualification.


 Please make sure you review the above rules and contact your Studio Director with questions. If your director is unsure, please have your studio director contact us.  

Team Routines: If a routine is found to have more dancers than the number entered, the studio will be billed "late entry" price for each additional dancer plus a $50 administrate fee.  Penalty judges will monitor this  during the competition or we may review routines  after the competition in our video reviews. Studios will  have 15 days to pay the balance difference. 

Competition Dancer

 ARISE COMPETITIONS - Please note that rules for skill levels will vary from competition to competition. It's important to follow each competitions rules. 


We base age of Dancer on their age as of January 1 - 

Stage Info:

-Roy High has a extra large built auditorium stage

-Granger High has a large built auditorium stage

- Mountain Ridge has a large built in auditorium stage

-Davis Conference Center will have a 40' wide x 32' deep stage covered with Marley Flooring 

Cancelation Policy- Entry fees are non-refundable.

In the event a solo, duet or trio becomes injured prior to the competition, a complimentary credit may be issued for the next dance season (the following year, or another event if space permits) in the amount of 25% of the original entry. Requires signed doctor note.  No credit or refund is available for schedule conflictsAdditional restrictions apply, requires at least 14 days notice. Entry Fees are non-transferable. 

 Sorry no credit or refund is available for team dancers after the registration has been closed for the 1st time. 

*No Show Policy, solo, duet, and trio dancers are required to check in with backstage staff or 15 minutes if first dancers of the sections, OR 3 numbers prior to their scheduled performance. If they fail to check in 3 numbers prior, we will assume that the dancer is a scratch and/or no-show. They will forfeit all awards prizes or gifts. They will also not be eligible for a refund. To keep our competition on schedule, a performer will be given 15 seconds to take the floor after the announcer has given them 2 announcements to take the floor. 

If a performer requires extra time due to props, or other foreseeable reasonsplease notify Arise Stage Manager at least 30 minutes prior to the performance

Please understand that ARISE plans months in advance for awards and events. Our events sell out, as routines cancel, another routine could have taken their place  

2024 Competition Format: 


ARISE does modified Studio Blocks - Solos/Duets/Trios Thurs/Friday and teams on Saturday. We will have 2 sessions on Saturday. The great thing about this format is your dancers, teachers and directors will only be there half day! This will prevent the 10+ hour days.  We will have overall winners for each session. 

Advanced and High Intermediate Teams will be combined in the middle of the morning and afternoon sessions to give them more opportunity to compete against other teams

COVID Cancellation Policy

We all hope to never repeat 2020, although Arise was one of the few competitions to hold a competition in June of 2020, we will do everything in our power to have an event, even if it means a venue change within 50 miles of the original venue. 

If an event is cancelled beyond control of Arise competitions and another venue cannot be secured, we will offer the following options:

1) 100% credit toward 2024 event. 

2) 70% Refund of entry fees to be paid via check or Venmo within 60 days of the cancellation. 


3) Virtual Competition

Studio's may choose between what option is best for them. 

All 2023 Events Offering Auditorium  Performances

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