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Rules & Guidelines


Please note that rules for skill levels may vary from competition to competition. It's important to follow ARISE Competitions rules. 

Ages of All Dancers are as of January 1

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Spotlight dancers are welcomed; however, they may only go up one level (i.e. advanced dancers can NOT be spotlighted in beginning routines). Only a small percentage of dancers can be spotlighted. I.e. if there are 5 or less dancers it can only be 1spotlighted dancer.  If 5-7 dancers it can be 2 and 8 and more dancers 3 spotlighted dancers in a routine. 

Judges Discretion applies as they monitor routines to determine if a dancer has the skill level to be in a higher skill category than what they are entered as, even if the above routine rules are followed. If at least 3 of the 4 judges agree, a dancer/routine will be moved. This rule is designed to prevent dancers from removing dance/technical skills to compete in a lower level. 

Tumbling: If a routine exhibits more than 35% tumbling skills, it should be entered in the Acro Category.

If a Team Routines is found to have more dancers than the number entered, the studio will be billed "late entry" price for each additional dancer plus a $50 administrate fee.  Penalty judges will monitor this  during the competition or we may review routines  after the competition in our video reviews. Studios will  have 15 days to pay the balance difference. 

 Please make sure you review the above rules and contact your Studio Director with questions. If your director is unsure, please have your studio director contact us.  

Any intentional act that intends to deceive Judges or Arise Competition in general will result in immediate disqualification. 

Category Guidelines: Please use these guidelines when entering; it will help create a fair competition for everyone. 

At ARISE a penalty judge will monitor all routines. If a dancer or routine is determined to be entered in an incorrect skill level, they will be moved by the judge to the correct skill level. The dancer/routine will still be judged, ranked, and receive awards; however, the routine/dancer will  be ineligible for any overall awards. 

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