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Registration Deposit

Starting Sept 15

You may begin to reserve your routines starting Sept 25, 2024  for the 2024 season. You will reserve the number of ROUTINES (not dancers yet) but total number of routines with a $25 per routine depositYou will reserve number of team routines and number of solo/duet/trio routines. We use this number to determine how full our competition will be. 

Studios will be allowed to add only 10% of the reserved routines later if needed. 

Please get an accurate count of solos and team routines prior to Sept 15. 

Your deposit will determine if you set up on cash or credit card pricing. If you pay your deposit with a credit card, your pricing will be automatically set to credit card. 

Our events sell out quickly,

In 2023 all our team events sold out onto first day! 


Teams 2024 

$ 27 per dancer - Registrations/payments received by Dec 1 2023

$ 30 Regular Pricing - Registrations/payments received by Feb 1, 2024

$ 35 Late Registrations -  (if space permits) 

Registration will close Feb 1, 2022

Above Pricing reflects Cash Discount (check, personal Venmo)  Credit Card pricing add 3%

Registration and Payments must be received by the designated day. If Payments not received pricing will go to the next level. However you pay your deposit will determine credit card or cash pricing. 

Solo Only Competition Feb 25

This event is designed for Solos, Duets, Trios only. Come early as the competition season kicks off, dancers can take the judges comments and make any adjustments before the hit the competition circuit 

Studio's the advertise this event will receive a kickback of $4 per routine that enters this competition. (must send at least 8 routines to receive kickbacks)

Directors Perks! 


• Arise Gift Card to select your own ARISE Merchandise

• Reserved Team Parking for Team Day (depending on the venue)

• Arise Swag upon your Check In - This is the good stuff! 

• Easy to read/follow Program

• Large Team Trophy 

• Dancers select their own participation awards! Choose between trophy, necklace, water bottle, and more!!! You will give them a token for them to redeem - you won't have to carry them home!

• You own the Videos! 

Our Goal at Arise is to reward your studio for their hard work. We want your studio to walk away feeling accomplished. We create an atmosphere that is fun, relaxed and very organized. 



2024 Competition Format

Arise will be doing modified Studio Blocks - Solos/Duets/Trios Friday and teams on Saturday. We will have 2 sessions on Saturday. The great thing about this format is your dancers, teachers and directors will only be there half day! This will prevent the 10+ hour days.   The overalls will be announced at the final award session.

- Modified  for 2024- We will combine Advanced and High Intermediate Categories so they have more competition. These categories will be in the middle of the day. Beginning and Intermediate will be divided into morning and afternoon blocks 


Morning Beginning Teams

Morning Intermediate Teams

All High Intermediate Teams

Advance Teams

 - Awards for Morning High Intermediate and Advanced Teams-

Afternoon Beginning Teams

Afternoon Intermediate Teams

- Awards for Afternoon Teams- 

No studio will need to be at the comp all day! 

"It was organized, well-run, and I don't feel like my kids got stomped on from unfair level entries." - Studio Director in Northern Utah

"Awards were well done, quick and very generous. Loved the fun things you did with them to make it fun fo the kids"

Tina - Tueller School of Dance

We Welcome Teams of All Sizes!

Studio Team Entries

Arise will have a penalty judge that will be watching routines and counting dancers that are entered.
If a routine is found to be in violation and entered into a lower category, the routine will be moved up to the correct category. The routine will be judged, scored and adjudicated. It will Not be eligible for any overall awards
If a routine is found to have more dancers than the number entered, the studio will be billed Late Entries for each additional dancer. This may be discovered after the competition in video review as well. Studios will then have 30 days to pay the balance difference.  

Overall Team Banner Awards are given to:



High Intermediate


We take the top 5 Scoring routines in each category per studio to select the overall. 

COVID Cancellation Policy
We all hope to never repeat 2020. Although Arise was one of the few competitions to hold a competition in June of 2020! We will do everything in our power to have an event, even if it means a venue change within 50 miles (or closer) of the original venue. 

If an event is cancelled beyond control of Arise competitions and another venue cannot be secured. We will offer the following options:

1) 100% Credit toward 2023 event. 

2) 80% Refund of entry fees to be paid via check or Venmo within 60 days of the cancellation. 


3) Virtual Competition

Studio's may choose between what option is best for them. 

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