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2021 Competition Dates 

February 15- Virtual Critique*

March 12-13 - Layton - Davis Conference Center 

April 9-10 - Layton- Davis Conference Center

April 29-May 1- Farmington - Legacy Events

All 2021 Competitions are on a Stage

*Virtual Critique- This is a new design for 2021 - This entry is designed for dancers to enter videos of their routines, get judges feedback and ranking as they prepare for their season! Reduced Entry Fees, you'll submit a video, judges will give audio feedback, scores and ranking. This gives dancers time to make any adjustments prior to kick-off of the 2021 Season! More details to come.... 

Let your dancers ARISE to their Full Potential



Full Video & Audio Judging! 


Videos with Audio Comments will be loaded to your online account within 48 of Competition Awards

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