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2024 Competition Dates
Feb 23-24 - Solo/Duo/Trio Only - Roy High -Sold Out
March 7-9  - Roy High - SOLD OUT

March 21-23 - Roy High SOLD OUT
April 19-20 Davis Conference - SOLD OUT
May 2-4 Granger High - SOLD OUT

Please add your name to the waitlist above! 
* All events except Feb 23-24 are teams/solos. 

*Feb 23-24 is the only event that solos/duo/trios may enter without their team Competing. All other events require team to be competing in order to do solos. This is due to the large number of solos that are associated with each studio team. 

Registration Opens Sept 15, 2023 at 9:00 am -

Put this on your calendar.

2023 sold out on the 1st day! 

ARISE Stage at the Davis Conference Center

Arise... was one of the best run, most organized, most FUN competition we attended all season, or EVER! - Director Dannielle - Dance Image Academy 

A judge gives audio/video judging to dancers at Arise Competition

I appreciate all the time and work you put in beforehand. I appreciated all the  details. The awards were perfect." Mindy Hip Dance Co. 

Dancer Awards at ARISE Competition
Dancers Perform at Arise Competition
Dallas Draper presents awards at Arise Competiton
Bentley Draper dancing at ARISE Competition
Dancer Awards at ARISE Competition



Full Video & Audio Judging! 


Videos with Audio Comments will be loaded to your online account within 48 of Final Awards

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Let your dancers ARISE to their Full Potential
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