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FAQ Registration

Opens September 15 at 9:00 am 

What is the Deposit system for Studio's Entering

We know that it's early in the year and you won't have all your routine info now. With our system you simply need the total number of routines (solo, duet/trio, and team). You will select the city/date you wish to reserve, then will be prompted for the number of routines. The computer will give you a total to pay, it's only $25 per routine. This will reserve your space at the competition. Studio's will have a small window of 10%  +/- of their reserved routines. For example if a studio reserves 50 routines, they can have up to 55 or 45 routines without penalty. Reserving more will cause you to lose the deposit , reserving too few, we may not be able to add more. 

That's IT! Super simple! Final registration that includes full payment and routine information (dancers, genre, level, etc) is due on Feb 1 for regular pricing or Dec 1 for early bird pricing. 

Can I add more routines Later? 

Unfortunately not very many. You can up to 10% of  what you originally registered. But if you reserve more than you need, you can take away up to 10% of what you originally registered , after that you will lose your deposit of those extra routines. 



Parents are welcome to register for the Solo, Duet Trio only competition on Feb 24. 

To register for this, parents must create a free online account and select as parent/student (please don't select studio unless you are the studio owner/director) 

You may also use the deposit system, but the due date for soloist is Jan 3. If your registration isn't complete with payment on Jan 3, you will lose you spot and your deposit. We will go to the waitlist and fill your spot. 

Sorry, we don't accept checks from parents. You should pay with credit card. We suggest full payment when you being registering to avoid losing your place 

Sorry, we don't allow parents to enter dates other than Feb 24. With the amount of soloist that participate with their studios, we rarely have the space for soloist that are not competing  with their teams on other dates. You are welcome to add your name to the waitlist and we'll contact you if space opens up. 


Studio Directors/Owners

Studio Directors - We try to make this registration very easy for you! We know your time is valuable and we want to make this step very easy! That's why all that is needed on registration day, is the TOTAL number of routines, this includes Solos, Duet/Trio and Teams (groups) You'll pay the $25 deposit per routine,


It's important to pay that deposit with the same method you'll pay the balance of your registration with. If you use a credit card, you'll be required to use a credit card for your balance (note the 3% charge for fees). You can also use Venmo (without purchases to avoid fees) or check. 


Studios should also plan to register their soloist for all events. Our events will sell out, if studios register you can make sure all soloist are included, and parents don't forget to register. 

Checks need to be received within 4 calendar days or your reservation may be cancelled. 

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